Charter sailing on the Galician Rias

It can be the kind of vacation you will never forget .... not in vain Galicia has the best beaches and finest sand in Spain, more than 700 beaches spread over 1,300 kilometers of coastline.

With a multitude of islands that form the National Park of Atlantic Islands, a true paradise for diving and enjoyment of the landscape. With the beach Rhodes the Cies Islands of 1,300 mts. length has been considered by the British newspaper The Guardian, as the world's most beautiful beach.

Calicia can offer a cuisine with probably the best seafood in the world. You could book your dinner on a wide range of restaurants, ranging from small and typical fishing villages, or cities such as Vigo and Corunna, and delightful towns like Bayona, Sanxenxo, the Grove ...

A host of natural wonders waiting for you.

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Islas Cies Islas Cies Playa America Isla de Ons Playa de Mogor Playa de Portomayor

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