For the more adventurous we have prepared this section that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Guided by the philosophy of the company, to begin with we would like some suggestions by way of example, and later the sailing route will be design for you based on your wants and needs.

Proposal 1: Off-Shore Charter Vigo-Madeira Islands

First half of April: April is a very interesting time since statistically the predominant downwind brings an easy and comfortable navigation. The weather in Madeira during April is nice and warm.

This proposal consist of five days off-shore sailing with a stop in Cascais, five days sailing and getting to know the Madeira Islands. In those first days you will have the opportunity to know all about off-shore sailing, participating in all the tasks on board, from the handling of instruments to be part of the guards, the opportunity to experience night navigation, etc...

For the second part of the last 5 days you can relax, do some sightseeing or participate on shore activities in the beautiful island of Madeira. This package includes eating and sleeping on board, the return trip by plane Madeira-Porto and Porto-Vigo by car. This package is for six people plus two crew per boat.

Proposal 2: Off-Shore Charter Madeira Islands - Canary Islands

Second half of April: Would be three days of off-shore sailing and 7 days of inshore by the Canary Islands. This proposal includes the trip by plane to Madeira and the Canaries and flying back to Santiago. Maximum of 6 guests, plus two crew per boat. Any other proposal you may be thinking about, it will be studied and planned to your requirements. The months that are feasible for this type of navigation include: April, May, September, October and November.

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